Could the ACORN embezzlement scandal spread to SEIU?

The AP drops a story about a power and money scandal at ACORN involving the founder of ACORN, Wade Rathke and his brother Dale:

The lawsuit filed in August by two board members accuses ACORN founder and former chief organizer Wade Rathke of either concealing or failing to properly report that his brother Dale embezzled around $948,000 from New Orleans-based ACORN and affiliated charitable organizations in 1999 and 2000.

I wonder if this might expand to SEIU in general, which has been getting a lot of scrutiny due to a fight with the California Nurses Association and corruption in the LA branch, ably reported by the LA Times' Paul Pringle.

The issue is that Wade and Dale Rathke have also been leaders of significant SEIU multi-state locals.

Wade Rathke also founded SEIU Local 100 in New Orleans (more broadly Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas) and is still the "Chief Organizer" of the local, which is headquartered at the ACORN office.

Meanwhile, in 2000, Dale Rathke, was the Treasurer for Local 880 in Chicago, while at the same time being CFO of the national ACORN organization. According to the Illinois State Senate in 2001, Local 880's email address was

So in 2000 while Dale Rathke was embezzling money from ACORN he was also the Treasurer for one of the most important SEIU mega-locals and filing their compliance forms with the Department of Labor. See the filing after the jump.

Seems like it might be worth some investigation.


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Dale Rathke and ACORN


Thank you for this article on Wade Rathke (founder of ACORN) and his brother, Dale Rathke, who embezzled just under one million dollars from the organization and is now FINALLY under investigation in the last 3 weeks. We have seen very little here in the newspaper or on TV in New Orleans or in the national press. I have only heard Rush mention his name on the radio. Dale Rathke's elderly parents and some rich friend(s) have been paying back the money since 2000 and Dale and his brother and people high up in ACORN kept the whole thing quiet since 2000. Can you tell me why the brothers are not in jail? Their mother and father have enabled yet another set of kids (in their 50's, mind you) cover up a crime and go unpunished! 

Please check out THE COHEN covers non-profit groups. ACORN and RATHKE are up front and center on their web site.  As a New Orleans native who has served on a board with Dale Rathke, I am sickened about his behavior and about the cover-up. Dale has always enjoyed a very lavish lifestyle and now I know why. Just pathetic! Where does all our money go? Don't answer that!

Thank you