Glenn McCall wins SC GOP's National Committeeman spot

Today, the South Carolina GOP elected Glenn McCall, the York County Chair and 2nd Vice Chair of the SC GOP, as its Republican National Committeeman. He defeated Drew McKissick the incumbent National Committeeman who was elected in February in a special election. McKissick is a member of the board of the Christian Coalition and had been a staffer for Mitt Romney. Palmetto Scoop reports that McCall was elected by an estimated 420-180. McCall will be the first African-American RNC member from the South, I believe.

A source on the ground told me:

He gave a hell of a speech this AM at the Convention about how compassionate conservatism doesn't mean more spending, it means going into crisis pregnancy centers in the black community, about going to NAACP meetings and explaining why our party best represents the interests of black people. He talked about being willing and able to say things about Barack Obama's vision for America that nobody else can without being called a racist, and that is not that Obama's a bad person but that his vision for America is too radical and too liberal.

McCall had been endorsed by Mike Huckabee. I speculate about a couple of interesting undercurrents. Huckabee versus Christian Coalition. Warren Tompkins versus Richard Quinn. (the two leading consultants. McKissick was a Tompkins/Romney person)

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Huckabee has coat tails.

This is not the first candidate he has endorsed locally who has pulled out a win. Now this is not about 'Huckabee' but rather the type of message that Huckabee espouses and endorses, and it's appeal to the voting public. On principle he is endorsing candidates who have the vision to see that the GOP candidates can't just ride the elphant down main street and hope for the win.

I'm very excited that someone with McCall's vision for outreach into the minority communities won in such a resounding way.

Re the 'Christian coalition' vs Huckabee line of argument. A little insight from a socon. The grassroots christian community is so POed at the chritian establishment for selling out their values for political expediency when they left Mike flapping in the wind, that their age of kingmaking is over.

The Gary Bauers and Tony Perkins of the evangelical movement are about as welcome to us right now as Scot McCellan in the white house. In any race that pitts a Huckabee endorsee up against a traditional christian establishment candidate, Mike's will have more street cred, bcause their candidate will be tainted by their betrayal of us.

I'm not going to bite on the Mike v Mitt angle..water under the bridge.

Good stuff.

I was not arguing Mike versus Mitt

Quinn is close to McCain and Lindsey Graham. And Palmetto Scoop, who has been cheerleading McCall is probably allied with Quinn. The real question is perhaps whether McCain is having some impact, indirectly, on state party elections

Oopps..sorry then

I think that would be especially true in SC. McCain worked really hard to lay down some ground there in preparation for this year.  Didn't mean to misconstrue...just so used to getting baited about Mitt in the blogosphere and really trying just to let it go already


Let's cultivate this guy to run for something.

Michael Steele started out as PG County party chair, then state party chair.


Agreed. I was discussing the GOP and race with a liberal friend the other day, and invariably the fact that there are no black GOP members in the House or Senate came up.  It's not necessarily for lack of trying, I thought both Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell (for governor of course) were terrific candidates, but it doesn't reflect well on the party.  Let's hope Glenn McCall can continue to climb the Republican ladder. 


Let's hope McCall follows up by talking to the NAACP. At least give them a chance. Now if they reject him (like they did President Bush on a national level) then work around them. There's something inspiring and positive about not leaving any group out of the discussion.

If he's for Hucksterbee and Lindsey Graham...

then he is more of the same worn out old liberal Republicans that we DON'T need more of!  Why try to get the guy to run for something Patrick?  Because he is black?  And conservatives are soooo ready to show the world that they're not racist? 

It won't work.  No matter what conservatives do, we will always be considered "racist" by the MSM and blacks if we don't do what they say!  Why not try to find the best true conservatives for the job instead of a probable moderate black guy?

His name is NOT Hucksterbee!!

It is your opinion that Mike Huckabee represents the 'same old liberal republicans' You are entitled to think that.. but please do not presume that it is ok to insult and disrespect a public servant who has done more for Americans in a tangible way than you have probably done, or will be able to do in your lifetime.

McCall won his race because the people saw his vison for the party.. not because he was black.. that really pisses me off. 

So called conservatives in Washington have done little to nothing for the GOP and this country for years now. If it takes an infusion of fresh approaches that may perhaps be a little less idealogue, and a little more practical to re-energize the party, thats a good thing.

People need to take a step back from the partisan heat of the primaries and look at what worked and what didn't with ALL of the candidates. If we want  the GOP and the conservative movement to survive and thrive, we need to plug into the variation of it that works for the people.

Say what you will.. Huckabee connected with some, Mitt with others, McCain with still more. To survive, the GOP must explore the ways in which they can synthesize the messages of these men into something that we can all live with.

I would appreciate it if the founders of this site could establish some ground rules about the tone of the discussion. It should be objective and respectful, not partisan and inflamatory.


reading the hatred in your words

Why not try to find the best true conservatives for the job instead of a probable moderate black guy?

Now THERE is a well thought out comment. "Probably?"  Here's a thought. FIND OUT his positions on issues, then savage him on facts, or support him on same.

Attacking him because he is "probably moderate" makes you sound like the stereotype bigot you "probably" are.

Bless your heart.

Mama taught me that it is good manners to let someone know when their slip is showing or if they have spinach caught in their teeth.  It is in this spirit that I am gently letting you know that your ignorance is showing.

Glenn McCall ran on the platform of personal responsibility and limited government.  His life is a testament to how regardless of background individuals can succeed without a government handout.  He never "bartered incentive for dole" and "will never cower before any master save His God."  (That's from the Republican Creed, in case you are confused.)

He served our county in the USAF and then went on to be highly successful in business.  At the same time he and his wife have sacrificially supported and served a community organization that doesn't rely on government dollars to help individuals improve their lives.

Glenn is his own man.  I think it is very telling that Senator Graham supported Glenn even though Glenn very publicly chastised Senator Graham in the spring of '07 on the issue of immigration reform.  Glenn urged party activists across the state to contact Sen Graham and tell him that he was making a big mistake. 

Glenn doesn't soft peddle conservatism.  In fact, in his acceptance speech he said, "I am ready to fight!  It is time to get out of the foxhole!... I am going to bring our message that no matter what your color- red, black, yellow, white or green- if you are a conservative you are welcome in our party!  Thank you for welcoming me!"

So in the true spirit of the south I have just one last thing to say in response to your ignorant and defaming comments,

"Bless your heart."