Hilda Solis long-time SEIU ally; supported in Dem primary in 2000 against incumbent

Hilda Solis and Xavier Becerra were both picked for Barack Obama's cabinet in positions that are intensely important to the labor movement, Secretary of Labor and US Trade Representative, respectively. Both also come from Los Angeles, the home of the largest and most systematic case of labor crime currently being investigated, that of Tyone Freeman, formerly the head of the LA chapter of SEIU. This has been well documented by the LA Times' Paul Pringle.

So I asked myself, how close is Solis to SEIU? Turns out pretty close. In 2000, Solis beat 71  year old Democratic incumbent Matt Martinez in a contested primary. In 1999, Solis received two donations from the SEIU. That is, in a Democratic primary, against an incumbent Democrat, she got SEIU's endorsement and money.

First, she received $5k, the maximum, from SEIU's national PAC:

She also received $250 from SEIU's Sacramento lobbyist:

One can only assume that she got logistical support on the ground too.

I would also note that TPM's write up of "labor leaders hail Obama's pick" quotes only one union leader, Andy Stern the head of SEIU, and even gives a picture of Stern, rather than Solis in the story.

Sounds like SEIU got their candidate. So how close is Solis to Stern and Freeman? Are these relationships going to come up in the confirmation hearings?

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seiu is the future of unions

and all of you provincialists (nationalists?) should be proud to see unions globalizing. free trade folk too. but enough about that...how about dem mets?

does this ring a bell?

"Workers of the World unite"

I suppose capitalist globalism bad; socialist globalism good?

As for the Mets, lose the black uniforms---they look like a beer league softball team in those hideous threads

I can't even talk about the Pirates, gimme a break.

and I don't even WATCH baseball.

Anyway, enough whining.

Yeah, I rather liked the Wobblies -- Mother Jones was a very brave woman. You'd be better served if you understood the causative foundation for FDR's reforms. And know about the blasted romantics on wall street at the time...

Then again, "In New York City, we were all communists"  I would like to humbly thank God (irreligiously speaking) for the bravery shown by the Democrats when they kicked the Communists out after WWII. And in that same spirit, I call on the Republicans to kick the Kleptocrats out, and develop safeguards so that they shall not return!

(my apologizes for the bloviation. but you did mention wobblies!)

"I dreamed I saw Joe Hill Last Night, alive as you or me..."

And to quote the statesman Malcolm X, "It's either the ballot or the bullet"

I hate to have to say that (there was a time when that wouldn't have crossed my mind), but to look at our Southern neighbor is to understand the truth in that statement. I fear for our country, as the definitions of middle class grow increasingly out of reach (do I need to pull some research on income insecurity based on wealth?)


as I said in my last diary, having corporations bent only on

destruction, with no effective counter, is a bad idea. I'll include Monsanto and Big Ag in that too... The potential they have for destroying modern civilization should not be underestimated.

If a company can flee the union, then you don't have an effective union. This is not to say that Nissan in Kentucky has fled the union -- they haven't. They still pay more because of the union workforce in a different state. They pay to avoid unionization which is fine by me.

But there are countries where the corporations are given undue influence on the law, and sometimes on the keeping of the peace.

Corporations by their very nature hire the most desperate people. They cost less that way -- and that's fine. not gonna bitch about capitalism. But it becomes a bad thing when the corporations begin to make moves that force people into desperate circumstances, merely so that the corporation can hire them at a lower price.

Union mantra = sign the card

The union bosses know who has signed and who hasn't.  They know where the workers live and where their children go to school.  They will send "organizers" to the workers houses and they WILL sign the card!!!  If necessary with their left hand because all the fingers on their right have been broken but they WLL SIGN THE CARD!!

The SEIU are major supporters of the Illinois Democratic machine

perhaps they learned tactics from some folks who are alleged to have also supported  Cook County Democrats


The money, muscle and influence of organized crime helped John F. Kennedy win the closely contested 1960 election, investigative journalist Seymour M. Hersh contends in a new book on the Kennedy presidency.

And once Kennedy was inaugurated, Robert F. Kennedy, his brother and attorney general, refused to pursue FBI evidence into widespread voting fraud, Hersh alleges.

In “The Dark Side of Camelot,” Hersh claims that the Mafia was brought into the Kennedy presidential campaign–and helped the Democrat carry the key state of Illinois–mainly at the instigation of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., founder of the family political dynasty.


It was common knowledge (or a joke)

that JFK's pa had bought the WV sherriffs off in the primary. All of Them.

But there's always truth in a joke, and WV is famously corrupt. not that they convict the corrupt there...


 Xavier Becerra was either passed over or declined Trade Rep. The position is going to former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk.

I didn't say that Xavier *accepted*


Why the LA Dems? Who are they kissing up to?

They were kissing up their

They were kissing up their nieghbours while doing their coursework paper

AQA Coursework

In case you didn.t hear about it...

the SEIU left the AFL-CIO to focus on organizing rather than supporting political candidates.

&btw, 43% of AFL-CIO members voted for Bush in '04.

Although it seems like a group of predominantly white rural gun enthusiasts that oppose abortion would be a natural Republican constituency, the right has taken pains to alienate the most affluent of that group. 


Most people who aren't SEIU members will never have heard of them, and trying to tie her to something involving one of their chapters doesn't seem to make much sense.


If anyone wants something with much more saliency, here's some Hilda Solis background information.


Of course, with that she's on the side of the GOP leadership and many of the GOP's most powerful donors, so perhaps concentrating on things in which she wasn't involved is the only option the GOP has. Don't want to impact anyone's labor supply or anything.


P.S. This site has a very serious technical flaw; I filled out the form about that but I see it still hasn't been corrected.

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