Is Drill Now the conservative MoveOn?

Matt Lewis checks the data and finds something startling:

Newt must be on to something big with his petition to increase energy exploration.  In the past 30 days American Solutions has surpassed MoveOn in terms of traffic.  This is especially impressive, considering all the free media MoveOn had received recently with their anti-McCain mom/baby ad ...

Check the picture, where MoveOn is, ironically, the red line and American Solutions is the blue line.

I think that there are several important things here:

  1. Drill Now is a positive agenda, even if it is a response to a current pain like high oil/gas prices.
  2. High oil and gas prices could well be a permanent feature of the political environment until the private sector delivers real fuel-efficiency and/or some real alternative energy technology becomes viable.
  3. This will be tied to national security forever.

Furthermore, Newt is a futurist. He will have forward looking ideas on so many other issues. Thank god he has the list rather than the Minutemen or someone similar.



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It goes to show you what Talk

It goes to show you what Talk Radio can do for the online conservative movement. Newt is doing a great job of going on shows like Hannity and using that enormous medium to drive motivated folks to his site.

In my opinon, that is how we will come to create our own Moveon or similar online entities. If not Newt, someone else will eventually figure it out.

Click the second link

in the article.  What I find interesting, and it may be of no value at all, is the relative red/blue lines under "subregions."  With blue representing the "conservative" site(s) and red representing the "liberal" ones, you'll find interesting state-by-state breakdowns.  CA and NY are red>blue.  Swing states PA, VA, OH, and FL are all blue>red.  That would seem to be a good thing. 

Alternative energy won't help.........

Had to add this. The keyboard you are typing on is made of plastic.  The roof shingles on most houses is made of asphalt.  Where ever you go, oil based products are everywhere.  Simply using alternatives to gasoline, will not cut back the use of oil.

This is likely understated

Google Trends for Websites, like the toolbar-era Alexa, is slanted towards left-leaning, tech websites.

Fred Wilson noticed that Google Trends massively overcounts Twitter. It also shows something like a 10-to-1 disparity between Obama's website and McCain's website. Things are bad, but not that bad.

If Google is saying they are nearly tied, Newt is probably ahead by 3-to-1.

Sore Subject

This is the issue, not drilling and refining American Oil, that I "used to be" a Republican.  For 6 years the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House and refused to lift the ban on domestic drilling (off shore and expand Alaska).   I'm not sure what impact it would have had on the overall cost per barrel; however, it would have limited American dollars going to dictators and countries that wish us harm.  I believe I am ready for 536 new elected "leaders" to replace the losers we have now.