OR-1: David Wu won't read bills or answer questions about them

David Wu melted down at a townhall in Oregon when asked why he won't read the health care bill or the cap and trade bill. Watch it here:

Congressman Wu meets Samurai Mom from WashCoGOP Oregon on Vimeo.

Wu managed no coherent response. That isn't totally unusual for him. I was in the House chambers for the Medicare vote, when I worked for Nick Smith. There were many strange things that night. But one of the weirdest was Wu's behavior. David Broder reported (pdf) that a fellow member of the House described him as "almost catatonic."

But hey, why be able to read or explain a bill that he thinks is one of the most important ever, right?

H/T NWDigest.

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Townhall Meetings

This is par for the course.  At townhall meetings across the nation, these scumbag politicians are catching hell from their constituents.  As well they should be.  NONE of them have answers.  We need to vote every single one of these traitorous bastards out of office and start from scratch.

Ignorant hacks

You people are ridiculous.  Congressmembers have staffs who keep them posted on dozens of concurrent legislation.  He works 100 hours per week, you think he has time to read every revision of every bill?  The story about a 300 page amendment delivered to Republicans at 3 am is an entire fabrication.  Why can't people who disagree with Wu's politics be civil?  I didn't see him "melt down".  I saw a bunch of rude people barraging him with questions then not even listening to his answers.

Nonsense matter doesn't need

Nonsense matter doesn't need to time. Please do some relevant things! However, most universities will help their students with career placement.  Granted, the current recession has an impact on the job market.  Part of the college experience is learning how to network, make contacts for when you get out into the world.  The lawsuit might not work for Trina Thompson, and a person is better off with cheap loans when they need extra cash than a lawsuit.

Politician exists to serve

Politician exists to serve his countrymen, especially to hear the grievances of the people. Welfare should always dominate and not their own political interest. Imposition of the health care program certainly need a large amount of money, the risk here is the probable budget deficit if the proposition would be realized can the U.S government afford to take the risk of having the deficit. For the past few months we had been worrying for the economic instability, pandemic swine flu, and the issue of the health care. I think with those dilemmas we are ought to give ourselves a break. Relax and have fun. Funny People reviews and reviews of every new Judd Apatow film have started trending downward, as the other films he's been involved in since The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, despite Funny People being only the third film he's directed.  (He most often produces or writes.)  As per the Funny People trailer, the film stars Adam Sandler, whose character has been diagnosed with a fatal disease and begins reflecting on his life.  The film opens with footage of a 20 year old Sandler making prank calls, shot by Apatow when the two were roommates.  Maybe tickets aren't worth a cash advance if the Funny People reviews  are accurate.

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Unite and vote them out.

Start over again.  It is The Right of the People.

There's something more insidious going on here...

Listen to the video. (the audio is poor - keep listening) - he states that this is a piece of legislation THAT HAS BEEN AROUND FOR 30 YEARS!!!

So I ask - why hasn't this bill come out before? why has it been on the shelf for 30 YEARS? Just to wait until we're tied up with something else???