Shouldn't the Senate Banking Chair know interest rates?

Where do the Democrats find people like this? The Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee doesn't know the interest rates:

Roll Call thought this was mock worthy:

Briefly Quoted. “I don’t know what the rates are today.”

— Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), surprising reporters on Tuesday with his unfamiliarity with current mortgage rates. Dodd, who was explaining why he planned to keep his scandal-tarred Countrywide Financial home mortgages, is the chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

It sounds like Dodd is either a criminal or criminally ignorant of the area he regulates. Will we ever find out which?

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Sorta says it all, doesn't it

Headlining a Pathetic Excuse

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This headline at The Hill is not doing the good Senator from Connecticut any favors: Dodd: I didn't know VIP meant perks.


Heritage opines on the 2008 Dodd-Mozilo Subprime Bailout Act

a description of the 2008 Dodd-Mozilo Act

"This bill, the central feature of which is having the FHA guarantee new mortgages to replace one’s currently facing default, would first and foremost be helping the banks who hold bad mortgages. All the checks get written to banks, not homeowners. Banks get to decide which mortgages qualify for the program, not homeowners."


Channel 8's 6pm news in Connecticut

All Dodd's mortgage, all the time 

they are not buying this one

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The republican candidate for the presidency can't remember the difference between Shia and Sunni.  Hi, pot?  Hey, it's the kettle.  Listen, you've got soot all over you.  You really should clean that up.

And neither can the

And neither can the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, for that matter.

Yes, Dodd is

That would be a good analogy if McCain was running for the position of overseer of Iraq, where knowing the Shia vs. Sunni difference would be an essential part of the job.  He isn't and it isn't.

Dodd, on the other hand, is supposed to be overseeing the banking industry.  He may not know the exact interest rate today or even yesterday, but <b>should</b> have some kind of idea where it is.  4-5%?  7-8%? 10-12%?

Nice try to deflect the issue away from Dodd and onto McCain.

Nothing to see here

Current mortgage rates fluctuate on a daily basis, much like the stock market. That's why he said "today" rather than "currently" or "now."

It's too bad

That he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

His principled stand on Telcom immunity was courageous and necessary, and the GOP was and is on the wrong side of the issue.  I don't see any GOP senators standing up for the Fourth Amendment the way he did.

Fourth Amendment

You don't know as much about the law as you think you do. The Fourth Amendment has nothing to do with private industry. And your claim that "the GOP was and is on the wrong side of the issue" is a political one, not a legal one.

Nothing in the Constitution prevents your phone company from listening to every word you say.



I just read yesterday how smart Dodd is

I ain't buyin' it.  The smarts in the Senate can be counted on 1 hand.  And in finance or on a finance committee, isn't the current interest rate one of the very first things you would know every day?  Please.


Dodd was very smart

to have the same name as his father, a former U.S. Senator