The successes of the anti-cap-and-trade movement

I was struck on Thursday and Friday of last week by the extent to which activists on the right were deeply engaged on the Cap and Trade bill that narrowly passed the house last Friday.

The thing is, the media has not played this issue up. The same week that the House voted on the bill, President Barack Obama held a prime-time townhall on healthcare. Even the conservative media was mostly engaged primarily with the healthcare debate. Obama and the Democrats played and won the media cycle war.

But the conservative groups, especially Americans for Prosperity, and conservative blogs like Redstate and others kicked in. From both Republicans and Democrats, we heard about enormous call volume coming into the House. This provided a robust whip-like mechanism.

Activists understood that they were the difference between this bill passing and not.

Now the fight moves to the Senate. Already, we see Obama caving on key provisions of the deal that kept protectionist Democrats together. It is hard to see how the Democrats find the votes, especially when they need full support from the Midwest to keep their caucus together.

And next time, it is hard to see how the issue is kept under the radar. The American people will be much, much more deeply engaged.

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You're not going to *win* until you have an alternative.

And that alternative must, at some basic level, recognize the reality of peak oil - if not global warming - as a means to fuel the economic measures that will eventually rebuild our economy and transition it completely into a post-industrial age.


1. The left-libertarian, unlike the Marxist, believes it to be the responsibility of the individual to take ownership for that which he himself creates. Likewise, it is the domain of the individual to produce that which he sells. Therefore, the left-libertarian ought to co-opt the growing desktop manufacturing movement and endorse and promote it (through such projects as Fab@home and RepRap), in order to liberate the individual man from consignment to the current, rotting industrial-capitalist order. This movement is the seed that will one day germinate into the New Post-Industrial Economy, as opposed to the ideological swill we have been force-fed every day for the last thirty years. Only a genuinely de-centralized economy can pull us through this crisis. And by relocating the means of production in the individual home, the stress inflicted upon the environment by industrial production will be massively reduced, conserving the existing oil supplies for the transition.

The old ways simply will not do, and until the Right (or the left) recognizes this, we as a people will go nowhere fast. The emphasis must be twofold: a centering of the political debate on individual expropriations of the means of production - through the application of emerging technologies like the above - and a shift towards eco-capitalism in our values. "Anything you (State socialists) can do, we (libertarians) can do better."

Radical times call for radical measures. Whatever temporary battles you win under the old paradigm will be fleeting and self-destructive. We have an opportunity here to eke out an ethical, an ideological, a real political victory - if we're brave enough and willing enough to radically re-think our entire past strategem.

left-libertarian = walking oxymoron

Either you respect property rights as a fundamental to human rights or you dont.

There's a fork in the road. You cannot take both.

And please, enough with the lie that the Republicans dont have an alternative. That's nothing but partisan Dem talking point BS.

property rights are practical... most of the time.

but they are not fundamental.

To say that property rights are fundamental is to say that nuclear weapons should be held by every man woman and child.

Are you saying that, by some chance?

Or we could get even more creative and say that any man who desires to commit genocide should be allowed the tools to do so.

To say that property rights

To say that property rights are fundamental is to say that nuclear weapons should be held by every man woman and child.

No it isn't. I'd explain why, but you're being glib, so it's not worth the effort.


oh, feel free to explain.

I'm actually interested. The erosion of private property rights as the potential damage to society from said rights increases is an interest of mine.

For a right to be fundamental, it must be involate. The right to not be murdered is not something you violate without consequences, nor is it something that the State violates. Fundamental Right.

The right to privacy, however, is not fundamental, as there are more pressing rights that can sometimes be allowed to take precedence.

Property Rights are Fundamental to liberty

Those who disagree are leftists whose political philosophy is antagonistic to liberty.

Source: "The Road to Serfdom".

National Energy Tax

We should never refer to this bill as Waxman-Markey. It's best calling it what it is: the National Energy Tax because that's what it is.

I said in this post that this is a tax increase masquerading as environmental policy.


And you should also discuss how much more effective forward-thinking free-market solutions are to the looming energy crisis, because that's what it is.

a tax is a forwardthinking freemarket solution.

but i wouldn't expect such fine thinkers as yourself to get that.

I've Been Doing That

I've been touting the American Energy Act since last August. I'm a solutions-oriented conservative. Anyone can whine about what should be. It takes effort & integrity to turn what should be into reality. That's my daily mission.

Let your voice be heard

Unfortunately, as long as the media is obsessed with Obama, the conservative voice won't be heard and will be drowned out.


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More proof the dinosaur media ignores 47% of America

Soren, the 'understory' is that 47% of America is not represented by the 'mainstream' liberal MSM.

The activist part of that 47% is getting their news via the internet, knows the media is biased, and is thinking for themselves.  That activist conservative constituency is why Barack Obama has as many people strongly opposed as are strongly supporting Obama.

You are correct that it clearly made a difference. A 219-212 vote, and the Dems having to throw 300 pages of giveaways and corrupt side-deals is one way to "Win by Losing". The Democrats have actually rewritten the bill into self-contradictory garbage, a big steaming mess that Rep Boehner was able to rip to shreds in his (famous yet unreported by MSM) mini-filibuster speech.

In a way, this is another "internet trumps traditional media' story. The same tools that got us Tea Parties and the "#dontgo last year are helping keep conservatives plugged into The Four Horsemen of the Obama Apocalypse. We know the score and we will be fighting against Obama's Socialist tendencies every chance we can.

Obama's arc of his Presidency might one day be written "Live by Web 2.0, die by web 2.0"


Why didn't conservatives forget

about the flat tax or the even stupider, "fair tax," and try to repeal the constitutional amendment allowing the income tax in favor of an energy or carbon tax?

Oh that's right, that would take effort.  It also would risk challenging the supporters who get a free ride for our foreign policy, military and public lands poliicies.


Carbon taxes and

Carbon taxes and cap-and-trade schemes are starting to be ditched by other nations that have tried them.

Why is it that Democrats embrace the failed domestic policies of other nations? It's as if they think our country can make them work because we're American.

because, dangnabit, we ARE american.

we succeed where the Japanese, the German, the French and the English fail. They each have their talents and their strengths, but none of them excel as we do. And we certainly aren't the Chinese!

America says Science First, Money Follows.

I like my little transistor gadget, don't you?

Obama's America is a Post-Exceptional-Country

We are no longer Christian.

We are no longer a land of the free and home of the brave.

We are just like Belguim, only bigger.

"America says Science First, Money Follows." Really. Waxman's ACES was built on the principles of the USSR - 50 year socialist planning of CO2 first. Pain and agony follows.


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