Who says that the tea parties aren't winning elections?

Over the weekend, Politico ran a story by Alex Isenstadt about the "failures" of Tea Party candidates. This article reads more like DC-based myopia. Movements don't transform at the federal level or statewide level first. Simply creating the network with the skills to execute huge campaigns is hard and takes time.

The place to go to see the successes are things like county parties, congressional district conventions, state legislative, and municipal seats. Those are races where a little bit of money and a little bit of energy go a huge way. They are also races with relatively low name ID. And they are the entry-level races for future leaders.

One of races that showed me that something was going on was the November election of Dan Halloran to the New York City Council. He is also the chairman of the New York chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus. (recall that RLC is the branch of the Ron Paul movement that believes in integration with the GOP party infrastructure)

Similarly, anyone who has been following local party politics knows that tea party supporters and Ron Paul and RLC organizations have had a huge impact on local party organizations. I wrote about this in response to Ken Cuchinelli's crushing convention victory to become the Republican nominee for Virginia's Attorney General.

It is easy to miss what is going on in American politics and to the American right if you focus on Washington.  It isn't happening in Washington. What is happening will lead to the Washington-based leadership being overturned by a generation of new leaders.


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Real people can beat any real politician - Tea Partiers make it

Unknown, underfunded, non Politically experienced candidates can whip any Obama HC loving democrat, they can beat any Green candidate, they can beat any Cap and Trade 'yes' candidate.
If you speak the Tea party talking points of STOP DEFICITS, SHRINK GOVERNMENT, and call Obama on his lies, you can get a Money BOMB.
And if you can Quote Palin Talking points, then its Drill baby Drill and the landslide cometh upon the opposition.
That's my prediction, you ain't seen nutin yet.


I think the Tea Party can do whatever it wants to do. It will only take determination for the party to move forward. The problem is that there is too much power and money in other areas.

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