VIDEO: Libertarians and Conservatives, Ad Nauseam

[Blogger's note: I didn't know that TNR couldn't embed Javascript; I will embed the video once Reason makes it available on their YouTube channel - sorry for making you click away in the meantime; at least it will pop open in a new window, and you won't lose your place.]

I have been blogging pretty exhaustively about a fissure in a traditional center-right coalition comprised of libertarians and conservatives (see here and here). The folks over at Reason have finally made video available of the three-way debate between the Cato Institute's Brink Lindsey, AEI's Jonah Goldberg (also of the National Review), and FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe:

I've been blogging as often as possible about this ideological spat because a) as a political scientist, it's a generally interesting phenomenon to observe, particularly when set against the backdrop of the rise of the Tea Party movement, and b) the extent to which this (hopefully temporary) rift gets smoothed over will have, I believe, a significant effect on the 2012 presidential election, if not this year's midterm elections. Of course, I don't have a wealth of empirical data on hand at this point to evidence my thesis - so we'll just have to call it a hunch.

Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic is smellin' what I've been cookin' for awhile:

Economic libertarianism is the message du jour, and Pawlenty's budget cutting in Minnesota may get some attention. But really, and he and none of the sober wing candidates have figured out exactly what the non-Palin wing of the party wants. There's no way to get social conservatives on board with Palin or Mike Huckabee in the race. So who's left to help you win primaries and caucuses?


They are -- they could be -- to the Republican Party what the anti-war left was to Democrats in 2003 -- the out-of-the-establishment power center that can drive the narrative of the race. How do you get the attention of libertarians without losing conservatives? You could shift positions on the war in Afghanistan, or try to fashion a more realist foreign policy. That seems to be a non-starter; the consultants for these candidates are fairly covnentional and are risk-averse. Endorse medical marijuana? Legalized gambling? Something else?


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Big Hint about the "significant Impact" on the 2012 elections

These three (Brink Lindsey, Jonah Goldberg, Matt Kibbe) will have the Impact of three votes, that's a pittance compared to the Tea Party followers.

While I have heard of, and occaisionally read Jonah G., can't say I can recognize the other two, but then, I'm not good with names.

Rush, Levin, Beck, Palin, Ryan, Jindal, Cain are all going to have a HUGE immeasurable Impact on the Nov elections, along with the economic disaster impact of Obama and friends.

You need to realize the JournOlistas era is over, Academia is now limted to the college Campus crowd, and your Graduates can't find Jobs, and they ain't watching CNNCBSABCMSNBCPBS.
Kenesian Eco terror has run its course, and its got staggering unemployment numbers that Kibbe and friends can write about ad nauseum, but the graduates are "feeling" it, they don't need to read it.
The 18 to 34 yr olds are so poor, they're drinking Tea daily, and reading Palin's facebook on mom and dad's Computer.
They got a check in the mail from Bush's stimulus, but Obama sent them to the food stamp line, and no Check from Obama came in the mail, unless they were lucky enough to get an unemployment check.
They don't know who these three guys are that you mention as having a spat, but they know the Obama campaign lies, and they want to know how to Fix the BIG government problem, and how soon can they vote on fixing the Pelosi and Reid problem.

3 small fish, in a giant Tea Cup.


Until we get President Obama out of office it really doesn't matter who is in the senate or congress. I mean he will just put them on Airforce One, have a chat with them and they will vote his way.


Richard's Absolutely right

It's been an amazing string of legislative victories for Obama.  He just puts the sheep on airforce one and bahhhhhhhhhhh. they vote his way.  Remember the 100 to 0 vote for health care reform by the Senate?  How about the 100 to zero vote for the stimulus. It's like a pitcher throwing perfect game after perfect game. bahhhh, sheep all of them!

I'll can't wait for the 435 to 0 votes on the future immigration bill in the house, although he'll probably have to use both air force 1 and air force 2.  That'll be the bill the gives everyone in the world automatic u.s citizenship. You know it's coming! Next up will be global warming which is sure to get unanimous vote in both houses after a quick spin on an aeroplane.

Bahhhhh. Bahhh. Who will stand against Obama and his magical flying machine?

bahhhh. sheep bahhhh.

Live from the planet that richard's on!




the tea party is going to

the tea party is going to have a huge effect on the elections but three people will not. there is going to be some shake ups that is for sure, parents are angry that they spent all that money on college and their kids can't find jobs.

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Sober Republicans? Yeah, right.

I really don't see the supposed "rift" in the Republican party that you do.  The party is completely and totally controlled by the Limbaugh/teabagger/Palin wing of the party.  The fact that Ambinder thinks there is some sort of ideological battle between sober and fringe Republicans just means he's clueless.  Sure there are a few moderates speaking up, but so far they are either primaried out of the party or forced to switch parties altogether.

And this election cycle is going to make things even worse for so-called "sober" Republicans.  Republicans will almost certainly pick up seats in the Senate and House because the economy isn't in good shape and the party in power will take the blame.  To their long term detriment, hard line conservatives will misinterpret this as an electoral embrace of their far right wing ideology.

The phrase James Carville coined back in the 1992 campaign - "it's the economy, stupid" is just as true now as it was back then.  To this day Clinton is remembered as a great president and Bush is loathed because of one thing, the economy.  All of the scandals, triumphs and tribulations don't matter one bit.  It might not be fair but thats just the way it is.

If Limbaugh/Palin/Tea Party had complete and total control of..

If there was anything close to "complete and total control of the Republican Party" by the afore mentioned muskateers, there would be some changes made in the RNC, ASAP.  

What you're seeing is the Takeover of the Republican Party DC elites, by Americans in fly over Country.  

As Thomas Jefferson Said: 

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Sounds like someone in charge of Tyranny in DC, is getting really Angry at the People ?   Liberty is NOT a "Far Right" ideology, its an American Tradition upheld by its Citizens. 

As for your Stupid "Bush is loathed" comment, Americans at this point would love to have "8 more years of Failed Bush Policies", because the unemployment rate would be below 6%.