CPAC Report #2: Mitt Romney


Big cheers for Scott Brown as he walked on stage to introduce Mitt Romney.

"I'm the newly elected Republican Senator from Massachusetts," opened Brown.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for Romney, but not nearly as much as for Brown.

Romney reported that the medal awarded to one of our Olympic heroes (Lindsey Vaughn?) was stripped because Obama is going downhill faster than she did.


"Mitt is still looking very presidential," observed the blogger sitting next to me.

I just missed part of the speech because Rick Barber, one of the congressional candidates from my state, walked by. Rick is running against Martha Roby in Alabama CD 2 for the seat currently held by Democrat Bobby Bright.

"When it comes to passing blame, pin the tail on the donkeys," was Romney's applause line when I returned.

Romney said there are three pillars upon whch we should build: economy, security and family.

"On our watch, a conversation with a suidice bomber will not begin with the words 'You have the right to remain silent,'" stated Romney.

"The right way to rein in health care costs... market incentives... ...not by government bureaucracy," received less applause.

"The truth is that government is not the solution to all of our problems," he said, beginning the plug for his book.

"American has been a force for good ...  ...and for that we'll make no apologies," he concluded to pretty healthy applause.


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