CPAC Straw Poll Results


Here are the presidential numbers: 

  • 22% Mitt Romney
  • 7% Sarah Palin
  • 31% Ron Paul
  • 6% Tim Pawlenty
  • 5% Mike Pence
  • 4% New Gingrich
  • 4% Mike Huckabee

Full results here

2,395 CPAC registrants voted.  50 states plus DC represented in the balloting. Only registrants can vote. 

48 percent of the respondents were students, 32 percent identified as individuals. 13 percent sponsors and cosponsors. 

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Poll was interesting, I'm sure the Media will push it

CPAC had some great speakers, but the Poll is just incidental.   Ron Paul supporters were a noisy presence, and certainly Paul has some conservative Ideas that go along with his way out in Right Field ideas, which is what the State Run Media will report on for CPAC.

If Ron Paul was a dangerous contender the Leftist Alphabet Networks would be attacking him like they attack Palin. 

Any particular reason you

Any particular reason you didn't list the names, I don't know, in numerical order?

That was just dumb.

Sorry about the order...

..was just really busy and had to hit a meeting that caused me to miss the Beck speech. That's why I linked the official results.