How candidates can pick up support from the Tea Party and libertarian crowd

On November 10th, the Rainy Day Patriots (the group organized in conjunction with Birmingham Tea Parties) and Campaign for Liberty hosted a gubernatorial debate in Springville, Alabama. All of the announced candidates were invited, four committed to the event, and three actually showed. The debate was moderated by local talk show host Matt Murphy and a representative from each of the sponsoring organizations.

During the debate, Robert Bentley, Tim James and Bill Johnson all presented themselves as fiscal conservatives. However, one of these candidates decisively won the straw poll following the debate. Here is how the votes broke down:

  • Johnson 6%
  • Byrne     4%
  • Bentley 12%
  • James  72%

While the cast of players has significantly changed, I still stand by my earlier statement that Tim James is the guy to watch because he IS a fiscal conservative and not just another Republican trying to sound like one in order to pick up votes from Tea Party folks, libertarians, fiscally conservative independents, Reagan Democrats and Ron Paul supporters.

In my opinion, the key reason James dominated the straw poll results is because he mentioned the Federal Reserve and Keynesian economics in his opening statement, which I clipped for your viewing pleasure. The entire debate is available on video here.

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Mentioning the Fed, eh??

Almost like Ron Paul was right, or something, but it's not PC to say that around here, I suspect. What we like about Dr. Paul is that he doesn't just say it when it's popular. He's been saying it since back when saying it meant "you're nuts," because unlike the vast majority of Republicans (statists) the man has BALLS. Plus, unlike the vast majority of Republican bleaters about "family values" he has stayed married to his wife for over 5 freakin' DECADES at this point. Some of us watch and admire what he *does* as well as what he says.