Initial report from CPAC 2010: Marco Rubio


My first blog entry for CPAC 2008 (on a now-defunct website) was entitled “Conservative Roadkill.” Even before Mitt Romney and Ron Paul dropped their presidential aspirations during the event, it was apparent that John McCain would win the GOP nomination, leading to an eventual Democratic win. This year at CPAC, I’m at a totally different event. More people, more excitement, and more importantly: The younger people here actually understand and are excited about a conservative or libertarian message.

 I missed David Keen’s introduction, but did catch Keene’s introduction of Senator Jim DeMint, which provided the first standing ovation of the day.   The first boos came when DeMint noted that the DC establishment was supporting Governor Crist because of polling numbers. “Principles before polling,” reintroduced the applause in the main hall. 

Marco Rubio started off with jokes about the snow in DC being a good thing as no new regulations were passed while the city was shut down.  Here are some choice Rubio quotes:

 “From Tea Parties to the election in Massachusetts…”

“A long list of early endorsements will not spare you in a primary”

“The old tired policies… …. won’t get you elected this time.”

“The US Senate already had one Arlen Specter too many”

“America already has a Democrat Party, it doesn’t need two Democrat parties.”

The crowd started cheering “Marco, Marco, Marco.” “That cheer always worries me because I’m afraid people are going to start screaming ‘Polo,’” responded Rubio.

“Let’s put the consumer in charge of health care spending in America.” “We will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to defeat radical Islam.”

Rubio received a standing ovation for his line about prosecuting terrorists in a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.

“This is the only place in the world where you can start a new business in the spare bedroom of your home.”

“Everything that I have ever accomplished, I owe to God, and to my parents, and to the United States of America.”

“The final verdict on this generation will be written by those who haven’t even been born yet.”

“Thank you and God bless…” … as Rubio's words drifted off into applause.

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 "The younger people here

 "The younger people here actually understand and are excited about a conservative or libertarian message."

As a student, I'm not sure how I feel about this statement.

Not meant to be an insult...

 ...just that for a few years, a lot of the younger people didn't seem to have much understanding of conservative principles so well. One example from two years ago was when bused in Romney supporters were trying to convince me that mandatory health insurance was a conservative solution.  Not seeing this at all this year - almost everyone (so far) seems to not only be principled, but well versed in conservative principles.

One key indicator is that there are TONS of Rubio stickers here and no Crist stickers.

The young adults were fooled by "hope", won't happen again

I know some late 20's young adults that supported Obama, but never quite made it to the polls to vote for him, or anyone.   They still didn't think "voting" was that Important.  Their guy won anyway, and now their Jobs are gone, and they're looking and not finding as many companies hiring.

I don't think they will skip the next election, nor will they be fooled as easily.

First part of Obama's presidency, the attitude was "All politicians lie" some.   But the lies started being obvious to the most casual 20yr. old observer.   I used to ask about a current event, and they didn't know about it.   Now I ask, and they have noticed......the interest in current affairs has suddenly appeared on the "To do" list of TV watching.

In 2008, you could not interest them in McCain............he wasn't that the young Adults are focused, listening, watching, and Looking for work. 

And that is good, partly because Obama is so Bad.