Mark Sanford's proof that small-government messaging works

Despite the protestations of folks like Mike Huckabee, Republicans need to get back to basic message of small-government conservativism if they choose to win elections once again.  I've said this time and time and time and time and time again. Folks much brighter that me (i.e. Richard Viguerie, Ryan Sager, John Dean, Peggy Noonan, Ron Paul, Michael Tanner, Bob Barr) have been presenting the same message since before the 2006 elections.

One of the people I continue to cite as an example of good conservative messaging is SC Governor Mark Sanford.  Here's Frank Luntz analyzing the Republican and Democrat response to a recent Sanford ad:

"Governor Sanford is the most articulate Republican out there right now and the other Republicans ought to pay attention," said Luntz a couple of days ago on Fox. "Or if they don't, their numbers will continue to languish."

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Mark Sanford's small-government messaging works

The message works in the media, in the polls, and in the minds of the peole who think it will work.  The job is run by peole who are out to get theirs and screw everyone else.

Republicans have talked small and ran large government for the last fifty years, and not very well.

It is hard to run something when you hate it.




of all elected Republicans...'s hard to find much room to criticize Sanford for this sort of hypocricy.

I don't think it's too hard at all

when South Carolina milks the federal government for most of it's money, pursuing a reverse carpetbagger strategy. They have the money, that they could tax in order to raise enough revenue instate. They do not, instead relying on the Feds. Contrast this with WV, which dearly needs it's pork and has high taxes to boot.

Watch the tape

The screencap in the blog post, with Democrats approving of what Sanford says, came when Sanford was talking about fiscal responsibility.  The very next sentence turned rejecting stimulus money, and the curves lurched downwards. 

In other words, Sanford is a great communicator when he's communicating the Democratic position against Reaganomics: high spending "funded" by low taxes.