Why Americans hate Republicans so much

Here's one very recent example (other funny examples here) from Alabama of how Republican politicians alienate most normal Americans and why they are despised by so many people.

In Alabama, there has been a well-organized movement to pass legislation which will allow the beer aficionados of the state to drink some of the better-rated gourmet beers of the world. Because beers containing over six percent alcohol are outlawed, Free the Hops is pushing legislation which will permit Alabamians to drink more than just one or two of the world's 100 top-rated beers.

Republican State Senator Hank Erwin has been an outspoken opponent of this bill.  Instead of letting it go to a vote, he places his moral code above the legislative process. Erwin has been filibustering the bill and plans to continue until this legislative season ends.

Erwin's strange views on morality have already placed him in the national spotlight.

"New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have always been known for gambling, sin and wickedness," wrote Erwin about why Hurricane Katrina hit. "It is the kind of behavior that ultimately brings the judgment of God."

According to stories I'm hearing today, Senator Morality doesn't mind breaking his word when it gives him political leverage.  Two reliable sources close to the Free the Hops effort have relayed pretty much the same story to me.  According to them, a Free the Hops lobbyist approached Erwin about not filibustering the bill.  Erwin had a gun rights bill he was pushing and a deal was cut: Erwin wouldn't filibuster the gourmet beer bill if the lobbyist would support the gun bill. 

As I hear it, the lobbyist did push hard for the gun bill, but it failed anyway.  Now Erwin isn't holding up to his end of the bargain.

Senator Erwin isn't just some isolated state rep from some backwards district.  He's a seasoned Senator with high name recognition who just threw his hat into the ring for the 2010 Lt. Governor's race.  Most Republicans I know will vote for any Democrat before they'll vote for Erwin for this statewide office -- but there are still plenty of folks who will vote for him.

So long as Republicans continue to support politicians like this, I'll predict that the GOP will continue to slide deeper into the electoral abyss.

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Beer afficiando here

Oddly enough, there just aren't many Trappist ales that are under 6% abv, and most of those are for the monks' consumption only; eg the Chimay doree 4.8% abv.

My favorite beer for everyday drinking is the Zywiec Porter, 9.5% abv; favorite beer of all, Kwak, 8% abv.

I've spent over $38 on one bottle of beer (Deus, the 750 ml bottle).

I can understand why someone would be upset unnecessarily prohibited from buying decent beer.  The simple solution: make it yourself.



I used to homebrew...

...when I had the time.  But that's illegal in Alabama, too.  So are sex toys.  And Republicans wonder why normal folks fear a Republican theocracy.

BTW, I'm partial to...

...the Russian Imperial Stouts

Sounds like your problem is with Alabama

Texas is run by republicans and you can get any beer or sex toy you want here.

Good  micro brew here in Houston, St. Arnolds.www.saintarnold.com/


It's not just Alabama

Remember that Huckabee and Brownback wish to disregard conservatism and federalism by imposing a nanny-statist national smoking ban.

I've consumed enough Texas beer to know how good it is there. I've worked campaigns in Austin and Houston.

My understanding is that Texas allows one sex toy, but possession of a six-pack or more gets one arrested for intent to distribute.  Is that law still on the books there?

I think that law went down in flames after a lawsuit-update

but I'm not sure . . .and I'm not sure i want to research it :)

Our democrat mayor and city council passed a no smoking bill for the city of Houston for bars and restaurants.

Good point on Huckabee and Brownback.

Obama was more stealth. Adding a tax of .62 per pack is a smoking ban for a lot of people.



I researched it the sex toy thing. Its just you Alabamans that are "deprived" now.

I saw that recently....

... in Kansas City, and then the reaction when a smoking ban was proposed in Milwaukee.

Very different.  I like Milwaukee's attitude better.

I really believe that you have more to fear from your drinking water than from second-hand smoke.



The republicans get the heart of most citizens in my country. I think it's just the same like in America, Republicans have different and more moderate approach which can gather all interests.
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