Stay away from intelli-time clocks

Not much to add recently though I had a dilly of a post late last night just before drifting off to sleep...

Anyway just to kill some bytes I would advice anyone looking to buy a new digital clock to stay away from the intelli-time clocks.  They are typically 7-9 minutes off which is annoying as all get out...

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Intelli-time clocks

I may have good news!

Mine went off by 4 minutes (discovered at the semiannual reset-the-clocks-&-smoke-detectors exercise).

Writing email to Cheney was a thouroughly unsatisfying experiment.

But in my spare time I have been searching the web and lo! and behold!, at Dipodocs I found a manual for the model number--doesn't look exactly like the clock, but read on....

(I would point to the manual, but in one of the recurring surreal events of my life (some are seriously scary) the manual is not there any more.)

Anyway, I did discover that if you hold the DST button down for five seconds, you can set the time and date!  (Hour, Minute, Month, Day, for successive presses after the initial five second one--"don" [done?] shows for a bit then THE CORRECT TIME!)

I appreciate the information

I appreciate the information but unfortunately got a new clock for Christmas and promptly tossed the inteli-time clock away.