Congratulations President Obama

Congratulations, Mr. President.

Though I did not vote for you, you are my president and I wish you well.

Your inauguration represents a watershed moment in our history which I am glad to be alive to see.  While I would have been happier to see a different black man take that historic oath of office today (JC Watts and Michael Steele come to mind), I am glad to see your installation as president as a sign that we are moving even further along the path toward racial equality, a path upon which we have made so much progress in the past few decades.

While I fear some of your policies, I truly hope that your time in office will see America prosper and our freedoms regain their previous stature . . . because that is what would be best for our country.

Party be damned, it's America I want to see do well.

(. . . but that doesn't mean I won't be trying to put someone else in that office four years from now. . . .)

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pshaw, it's your job to keep 'im honest.

I hope this one is more of a straight shooter than the last one!