Happy Earth Day. Now Go Make Love and Populate the Earth With More Conservatives.

This is a true story.

My little 1st grader got home, just as Mom was pulling out and plugging in the vacuum.

Me: "Hey, Baby, how was your day?"

7-Year-Old Baby: "Great, Mom. Today was Earth Day."

Me: [shouting over vacuum]: "Okaaay, great. Your snack's on the table. I'll be right with you." [VRRROOOOOM!!!!]


Pardon me, PC-ers. Hell. It's not even about PC anymore. In today's American progressive body politic, we are openly being bullied into adopting a lifestyle not many of us would have chosen for our own. No one even thinks about who funds the junk science anymore, or who the researchers, hungry for cash to keep themselves employed in this freaking economy, are really working for -- science or the state?

Enviro-statism has wormed its way into every crevice of society, without even being legislated through Congress. It was Ban ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the UN, who said that these sort of progressive ideas needed to be "embedded into the culture."


So, now we have children coming home throughout the year, mumbling about recycling, badgering us about our light-bulb usage, showing us their colored recycling diagrams alongside their completed math handouts. We have "Environmental Stimulus Cash Back!" stickers posted on every appliance at Sears (where we just got our new energy-efficient dishwasher). We have recycled milk jugs, our spouses filling out energy consumption reports, our corporations reporting on how they protect the environment via corporate citizenship.

All without passing a single Environmental piece of legislation through Congress.

Some would say, "Without firing a shot."

Do many of us consider the depth of environmental "embedding" into our culture? Do many of us try to trace back or apply true meaning to the policies that are manifest in our daily lives? No.

Too many of us are trying to survive, keep our jobs, feed our children. The time we do have, the time we try to carve out of our meager existence here in America, we try to have fun and remove ourselves from the obvious: that nearly everything we do is politicized.

Where is our "life"?

Well, I know the depth of the embedding .. I know how the progressive agenda is trying to put "meaning" into my life, so to counter that, today, in honor of Earth Day, I will do this: make ferocious love to my husband and do it like there is no tomorrow, in remembrance of God creating man to be stewards and lord of all the Earth and of all the creatures and slimy things.

I will remember the naturalness of our bodies, and how they fit together and were intended to procreate.

I will remember how marriage and procreation glorify God.

I will remember that "children are the embodiment of the marital embrace," as my husband has whispered to me during our lovemaking, and celebrate how children, the fruit of our lovemaking, are a blessing, not a burden or a punishment.

I will remember that we come from the Earth, to be lord over the earth, not its slave, and that the Earth is a gift from God, but that the Earth is not God. Nor is the almighty dollar nor that guy in office.

I will remember that my life is a gift from God, and that lives of my husband and children are gifts from God, and are a gift to me in my lifetime, and are an expression of His love for me.

I will remember that my husband is a gift to me, a most precious gift, from God.

And I will reward my husband, with my body, and show him how much I love and appreciate that he is a conservative, God-fearing man who loves his wife, kids, friends and country.

Today, when he gets home, I will show him that no single man has it better than him, and that for all his sacred honor and the noble life I know he would give in a moment to protect me, our kids, and our country, I will be Me, Every Woman and No Other Woman to him.

This is the prerogative and duty of every conservative woman out there.

The femni-Nazi, pro-abortion whores who belittle the Conservative Woman and the Conservative Mother, they have no holds over us, girls. We will love our men and steal our families back from the brink of hell, which is Progressivism, even if it means doing it with our own bodies, just as the men we love would sacrifice their bodies so that we may live.

Our bodies.

They've been to hell and back and we can handle it. Especially while giving joy to the ones we love most, and having fun while doing it.  

What we can give, the pleasure we can bestow, it's almost nothing, yet everything at the same time.


So.. after the vacuuming:

Me: Okay, Baby, tell me what happened today.

7-year-old-Baby: Mom, we're having a very special day..

Me: You mean Earth Day?

7-year-old-Baby: No, Mom .. we have a very special day coming up.

Me: What's that?

7-year-old-Baby: Mother's Day! Today we started making our cards for you!

What a damn, cool teacher.

Earth Day, ladies and gents. Go celebrate your earthy selves, maybe try to make an earthy baby to add to the conservative population to kick these Progressives the hell out of office in future, and steal back our American democracy they want to steal away from us for all perpetuity.

Tonight, log off of Twitter, close your browser, shut down the computer, and put down your cell phone with all those cool apps. 

Tonight, make love, not political war.

Let's thank and remember God, first and foremost, for our ability to do so.

While we still can, before the size of our family is "embedded" away.

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Two issues at play here

The one of environmentalism, the other of indoctrination of children through the schools.

Modern emissions systems are a response to 3 things (mostly): acid rain, ozone depletion, and greenhouse gases.  Acid rain made the sulfur and nitrogen emissions tighter.  Ozone depletion made us phase out the use of certain refrigerants and propellants.  Greenhouse gases are a manageable concern (like the ozone layer, the atmosphere naturally renews itself over time), but what form the regulations take remains to be seen.

That said, I love to fish.  And I like to eat what I catch.  I don't like being told that I have to limit my intake of fish from River X because of contaminant Z.  Some fellows like that catch-and-release thing, but me, it just ticks me off.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that there are valid concerns, but they are so way overstated that it's hard to wade through the garbage.  It's like the thing with ethanol.  I still haven't seen anything that accounts for the total usage of energy that would indicate that ethanol usage produces a net gain.

On the other hand, I see things that are "junk science," such as whether trihalomethanes are carcinogenic (it's been known that they are since the early 70's), the greenhouse gas "debate," and Phillips Petroleum arguing in court that it was ok to expose their workers to excessive levels of benzene because benzene in any amount is 100% carcinogenic.

And if you haven't noticed or haven't heard about it, there was an issue a few years ago with fruit-based drinks that use sodium benzoate as a preservative.  It was a British lab that found it.  The citric acid reacts with the sodium benzoate to release free benzene over a period of time at room temperatures.  I've noticed that the sodium benzoate is no longer used with certain flavors of Gatorade, but I'm not sure if all the flavors were reformulated.  And granted, the stuff is safe if it's kept refrigerated during transport and storage.  But if you buy it warm sitting out on a shelf, it's iffy.

Anyway, the use of the school system to indoctrinate children into some humanist social experiment is one thing that really concerns me.  There are so many abuses that I am at a loss of where to start.  I kind of ran out of steam when I got side-tracked on the benzene.

But for grins, have your first-grader ask his teacher about benzene tomorrow.  I would be interested in hearing the answer to that one.

What the greenhouse-gas debate is about

In a rational world, the greenhouse-gas debate would be about whether we should ignore anti-nuclear activists (if global warming is not some kind of crisis) or have them tarred and feathered (it if is some kind of crisis). My preference is to ignore them but I'm open minded on the topic.