Massa-ive Distraction - Why You Should Never Consort with the Enemy

Playing with Massa has landed Glenn in Swampland.  

YahooNews posted a serious "Overmatched by Disgraced Dem!" zinger on it's landing page this morning, meant to compliment the writer's understanding of unbiased mainstream media propagation. This article that was meant to denigrate and soil Glenn Beck, based on guilt by association, was listed under these titles on various pages scattered throughout the web:  

 This one article under various titles, designed to give passerbys the impression much has been written on the topic, was written by one slimey, Slimeland "Swampland"  blogger Michael Scherer, Time's White House "correspondent" who went to Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism to learn how to blog about Jay Z and Beyonce, Saturday Night Live, groping and back hair.  

Yes, there's a reason why Scherer blogs at Swampland.  

We could credit Scherer for giving a stab at explaining the White House's healthcare legislation via the blogger's old cut 'n paste fall-back (while taking the devil's word for it) , but on the day that news broke of the the Democrat's hostile, reinvent-the-rules, no-vote, socialist take over of legislation through the Slaughter Solution , Scherer was busy doing the write-up about Massa's Caligulan orgy discussion on Glenn Beck's show.  

Perhaps doing other things as well.  

The problem is, one of conservativism's darlings, who was once thought of as "the next Rush," whom perhaps Rush "should fear," did not heed the advice of conservative media mavens such as Michelle Malkin who advised Beck on his radio show that Massa is  

a sick, desperate pol looking to save his hide and distract from his smelly ethics problems and personal problems. This is not a hero, not a bona fide champion of reform and integrity in government. He’s the jerk who gave the figurative middle finger to his own constituents as he proclaimed last year that he would ram single-payer down their throats no matter what they thought..  

Beck refuted Michelle's insistence that Massa's controversy was a distraction by pouting and yelling at her like a petulant teenager responding to a parent's concern over questionable behavior (after they've left the room) with "You don't know!"

She would blog about Massa 2 days before her heated discussion with Beck, and mere hours later, would blog about the Slaughter Solution before Massa would appear on Beck's show.  

For Beck, this was never a question of finding a replacement -- who would NOT want to appear on Beck's show, even last minute? -- but more of a refusal to capitulate to the sage advise of conservative veterans, that included Rush who said a full day before the Massa interview:  

[Massa's] out there challenging me to a fight. He wants to come on this show, calling me a coward on this phony soldier business. And these guys in the media are trying to say I'm one of this guy's champions. Anybody who embraces this guy, including the Democrats, please do, but it isn't me ..  

Actually from the moment this thing started yesterday I suspect a rope-a-dope and I still think a rope-a-dope's going on and I still think that anybody out there who embraces this guy is in for big trouble.  

Anybody who embraces this guy is gonna get caught.  

On the day before Beck's radio discussion with Michelle and the Massa Interview, Talking Points would skewer Rush's comments, an obvious, ominous foreshadowing of how the left would interpret Beck's handling of Massa. On the day of Beck's radio discussion with Michelle and Massa Interview, Rush would talk about "The Train Wreck That Passes for TV "News in 2010."  

Neither would influence Beck's decision to host Massa for an entire "faaaascinating" hour.  

So, while Obama continued his campaigning in the Middle America (no John McCain?) to advance socialized healthcare, and the Slaughter Solution would be on everyone's radar -- from small, conservative news organizations in my homestate to media giants, Glenn Beck would decide to follow through on his commitment to court controversy, like "one of this guy's champions."  

Glenn played with caca and he got his hands dirty.  

As for me, an established conservative who understands a bit about the dynamics of media and polics, -- and integrity and character -- my question about Beck is this:  

Is he courting conservativism because the movement is the "Now Controversy"?  

A serious question. 

About Fox, I would ask:

Why does Fox News allow this sort of gamble that would result in a distortion about the conservative movement?

Because this is what happens when you consort with the enemy: you lose control of the narrative. 

And then it gets picked up by people like Scherer who like  to blog in Swampland. 

I am comforted because the only reason Beck showed up on Scherer's radar was because of Massa. 

Massa will always be Progressive's Progeny, their breed. 

He doesn't belong to us. They own him and others like him, even if he's been blackballed and labeled "damaged goods" by their own. 

I have hope, not because Beck has said Michelle was right, but because conservative truth prevails.

I pity their envy. 








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