Everyone and their mother are on social networking sites

Everyone knows the term “social networking” or “social networks” by now. Most people are a member of a social site weather it be myspace, friendster, or some other site. There are literally 1000’s of different social sites. Some are more social than others and some probably shouldn’t even call themselves “social. but since that’s the big thing now days, everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Basically it’s come to the point where everyone and every different group has their own little online club. They are generally broken down in the following ways.

The first, and biggest social groups are general sites like myspace where anyone and everyone signs up. There is no deciding factor on who should signup. If you’re looking to meet people in your area, Myspace is usually your best bet because of its HUGE userbase. I don’t know the exact number of members, but they have millions. Each town you can find 1000’s of your peers with an account, even tiny towns have a good presence on the site.

Second, you have social sites that target by race or religion, or even sexual preference and even, like this site, political preferences. These are definitely smaller than normal social sites but the members also seem to have a much tighter bond. Sort of like a small town feel where everyone knows everyone.

Third you have geo-location social sites. For example we have one in my town called Fort Myers Business Networking. I’m not a member myself because they charge money and I’m definitely not going to pay for something that should be free. But most decent sized towns do have social sites, just search Google for something like “[your town] social” and things will pop up.

Weather you like it or not social sites are going to remain popular. Just like social groups in real life have always been around, we will always have social sites on the web too.

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