Unions Decide THEY Should Say Who Gets Taxed

In the military it's called "mission creep." That is when you start out doing one thing and end up doing something that has nothing at all to do with what your main function is supposed to be. Unions in New Mexico have just shown mission creep, once again, because, for some reason, labor leaders in that state imagine it is their duty to tell government what sort of taxes should be invented for the citizens of Santa Fe.

These so-called labor leaders have decided to urge government to institute a "transfer tax" on houses that they deem "too big" to be allowed to be sold without confiscatory taxes imposed upon them.

Now, why a labor union imagines it is in its purview to discuss tax policy... well, that is anybody's guess. At least it should be surprising to anyone that thinks it is only the government's duty to discuss and create tax policy and NOT a union's duty. But, as always, someone forgot to mention to the unions that unions have no business imagining tax policy.

Labor leaders are rallying Santa Fe union members to campaign for a proposed tax on high-end home sales.

The ballot measure asks whether the city should levy a 1 percent fee on the sale of homes with a selling price of $750,000 or more. The resulting revenue would be used to provide housing assistance for working families.

So, these communist inspired, class warfare mavens want to attack "the rich" again, eh?

Let us hope that the duly authorized members of the government of Santa Fe will ignore these anti-American union thugs and make a decision based on actual public concern... and then promptly vote down this oppressive tax plan.

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No worse than churches in medicine and science policy

What's worse: churches getting involved in medical and science decisions, or unions campaigning on economic matters?

Certainly the latter

If a family wants to involve thier church in intimate decisions, that's their right; that said, union thugs should have no power over the lives of decent people.

If only they understood the gap between personal and public

If only the churches understood how big the gap is between personal decision making and public policy.


All of us, as individual

All of us, as individual citizens and members of various organziations, have the right to comment on tax policy.  The New Mexico union has no authority to impose taxes but they have as much right as any other group or individual to discuss or propose tax policy.  You didn't say the New Mexico legislature has adopted the union's position, so where's the harm?  Any other individual or group has the same right to oppose their proposal -- if you belong to an organization that advocates a different tax policy, should your right to participate and make alternate proposals be stripped?  The major gist of your post seems to be that 'someone' (government?) should be regulating who has the right to discuss a given topic -- a little Big Brotherish, don't you think?