Thoughts on role of religion and other factors in Fort Hood violence

The essential definition of Abrahamic monotheism, as some would put it, is being  "One God too many." It must be that I agree with that notion, but I haven't really figured that out yet. All I know is that I officially withdrew my membership from the (Christian, Protestant) church recently and it still feels right.

The events of Fort Hood and the puzzle of the shooter have been on my mind. I can only imagine the pain of the actual loss of a child; it's difficult enough sometimes to have no communication whatsoever with one of mine. (His choice, with my ex's support.) So I think of those families grieving . . .and have some small glimmer of understanding.

But the shooter . . . I think of his family, too, and I think of him, lying in the hospital.

What a puzzle. Some of the pieces:

- a black and white way of thinking about politics, apparently, stretching way back (common enough)

- member of a religion (common enough)

- an affinity for fundamentalism (common enough)

- wanted to marry but hadn't managed it (it happens)

- member of an ethnic and religious minority in his country's society and at his workplace, and not always treated with respect because of this (it happens)

- years of exposure to stories of trauma so intense that the tellers of the stories couldn't deal with it, that's why they were telling him (uncommon)

- upcoming enforced physical move to what has been described to him for years as the center of hell (uncommon)

- wanted to change jobs (i.e., wanted out of army), wanted it badly enough to have hired a lawyer and offered to pay back cost of his education (uncommon)


What do you do when trapped?

Acknowledge defeat and look for the good in the situation? Maybe. But not everyone is an optimist by temperament or learning; that's beyond some people. What if the situation seems intolerable?

What do you do when trapped?

Talk about it with your friends and let them hug you? Not everyone has that kind of support network going.

What do you do when trapped?

Have a nervous breakdown and end up in the hospital? Some will, some won't.

What do you do when trapped?

Take your own life? Some will, some won't.

What do you do when trapped?

Get angry? Very angry? Extremely and actively angry? Some will. The Orlando shooter did, also. If you're a member of a religious faith, maybe you frame your anger in that. If you're not, you don't. 


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Muslims do not believe in salvation by grace.

Ala is an indifferent God that is not Abrahamic.

If you believe somebody can not live life without making a mistake then you see the suffering they go through - you can read from time to time about missionaries who bring hope to muslims by teaching them about the Grace of Jesus A loving God - in Voice of the Marty It is difficult work, they kill missionaries

If you read the Sufis you

If you read the Sufis you will get a real take on Islam or surrender. If you read the interloped koran you have a text book for justifiend violence and the OT bible....

Missionaries provide a lot of information.

If they tell me that the people they talk to tell them that Alla Gives people water. Then that is what they believe which may or may not disagree with the koran. If they believe that if somebody has not had a "good" life the only chance to not be sent to "hell" is to commit Jihad - Then that is what they believe - and the message from Christ is good news indeed.


 Interesting details from a

 Interesting details in a first hand HuffPo report: A Muslim Soldier's View from Fort Hood

"But from Richard's point of view, Hasan was simply regurgitating culturalattitudes and prejudices and cloaking them in the form of religion. And in theprocess he was blinding himself to what Islam actually taught....." 

So true with other religions as well, of course, but the desert cultures attached to Islam can be particularly ferocious in their "black or white" perspectives.

But then this guy was probably nuts a lot of psychiatrist are...strange thing that....He just had another reason to externalise his internal crap that's all.

However if muslims don't like the West or elsewhere then don't come or go there--simple...stay in muslimdom....I think all muslim immigrants should be vetted and fundamentalists and mysoginist banned from entry....The picture painted of muhammed himself is not one of peace and contemplation...and you have the 'sword of islam' etc....They are the enemy of tolerance and peace in the world right now as the christians were in the crusades etc...